Victim To Victory

Fraud Case, based on acutal events: Crisis supported by prayer
Insight into a Federal Investigation

The content of this book gives a chronicled presentation of an investment scam, which lasted more than a decade.

Trans Atlantic Shuttle - Proposed Investment

Trans Atlantic Shuttle - Proposed Investment

The accounts in this publication are based on actual events.

This case was investigated and prosecuted by The F.B.I., Criminal Enforcement Financial Investigator, Assistant United States Attorney, Middle District of Florida.

Victoria was inspired by one of her professors to write this publication while pursuing a master's degree in business management. She provides information to raise the awareness of the public the necessity of performing research before making an investement. She also informs the public the importance of remaining focused in prayer and being persistent while in the time of crisis.

Never give up your search for truth.

About The Author  

Victoria E. Tate is a woman of integrity who has a great belief in prayer being a major part of her lifestyle.
She has many life changing testimonies because of prayer.

She is happily married to Mr. John M. Tate.

She is one of eleven daughters born to great parents in central Florida.

Victoria is a former Credit Union Manager in the State of Florida and has worked in the business arena for more than two decades.
She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Business Management.

She is currently employed at Auburn University.


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